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Syleena Johnson - I Cut My Hair

Leela James Everything

Leela James Do Me Right

Dr Packer is an alias of West Australian DJ/Producer ‘Greg Packer’ set up for Remixes & Edits of mainly retro music such as 70’s , 80’s , 90’s Soul , Disco , Funk , Hip Hop & Reggae.

Shortly after whilst still living in the UK greg was exposed to a record label called ‘Street Sounds’ ran by ‘Morgan Khan’ he began collecting the ‘Electro Series’ and ‘Street Sounds Series’ and a regular follower of ‘Mike Allen’s - Capitol Radio’ show in London , he was a full blown ‘B-Boy’ and Hip Hop Junkie.

In 1998 Greg took up production and set up his own studio running his own label ‘Interphase Music’ He produced over 100 tracks & remixes under the name ‘Greg Packer’ and was signed to many other labels in the UK & USA including ‘Good Looking Records’

Early last year (2013) Greg began mixing entire sets from CD therefore searching for music online , he started picking up re-edits, a certain artist stood out to him known as the ‘Late Nite Tuff Guy’ he loved the way the original songs were beefed up and sounded fat on a club system but the original vibe was still there , also these edits were quantised perfectly meaning you were able to beat mix them flawlessly unlike playing the original vinyl…

In August 2013 Greg Produced his first two edits under the name ‘Dr Packer’ and Labels Such as ‘Disco Dat , Hot Digits , Hotbox Boogie & Midnight Riot’ have all shown plenty of love for the doctor so things wont be slowing down anytime soon… every release so far has hit the number one spot on the ‘Juno Download sales chart’.

Quick Edit of Five Star - Let Me Be The One…

Free for D/L

Slow Down Rework of Cameo - Rigor Mortis…

Hope you dig!!!


Kelis - “Caught Out There”

Future Funk Friday 27

One of the singles for Palinoia’s forthcoming EP.

Forthcomin’ 1st Vinyl release from Alex Agore !